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The Soil Life Stimulant

BioVita has the ability to move into the soil profile with applied water. The water then infiltrates through the compaction zone to the subsoil.  BioVita is an effective way to increase aggregates in the soil to increase water infiltration and reduce drough stress. 

All crops benefit when the soil structure is improved and the heath and growth of the plant.

Microorganisms in soil are important because they affect soil structure and fertility.

Major Properties of Soil

1. Physical

 * Soil Structure and Texture

2. Chemical

 * Chemical Component; PH, Nutrients

3. Biological

 * Micro and Marco Fauna/Flora

Soil organic mater (OM) is any material produced originally by living organisms (plant or animal) that is returned to the soil and goes through the decomposition process

Microorganisms Groups in the Soil

     • Bacteria

     • Actinomycetes

     • Fungi

     • Algae

     • Protozoa

All these microorganism participate in the various activities that take place in the soil.

   • Decomposition of organic matter

   • Nutrient Cycling

   • Nutrient Transport/Flow

   • Protection



BioVita Red is an all-natural agricultural (plant and soil) inoculant containing active and effective  microorganisms, antioxidants and enzymes.  BioVita Red contains live cultures and is not considered a plant food ingredient. BioVita red represents a organic solution to sustainable agriculture.


BioVita Black is (10%) humic acid product derived from North Dakotan leonardite, and boosted by gibberellic acid PGRs. BioVita Black represents a supplementary soil and plant additive, which can be combined with other fertilizers or it can be applied directly to the soil. BioVita Black is recommended for direct injection in the root zone area. For best results, application should be made early in the life cycle of the crop.


BioVita Soybean Quickstart is an all-natural soybean seed inoculant containing powerful organic plant growth stimulant. BioVita SQ701 employs organic plant growth regulator hormones (produced by fungi) that have beneficial physiological effect on plants


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